Friday, 25 May 2012

Who are we ?

With little over two weeks until we leave our home in New South Wales, Australia, we thought it time to properly introduce ourselves. We are Joel and Cindy Fuhrer, we have been married for 4 years and absolutely love to travel.

Before our children were born we did plenty of solo and couple travel through Europe, the United Kingdom, America and Canada, New Zealand and many countries within South East Asia. We now have four children, Georgia  9, Hamish 4, Morgan 3 and Phoenix 18 months.

We always knew that we would continue to travel once we had children but never in our wildest dreams did we think an adventure like we are about to embark on was possible with children. We resided to the fact that short, expensive holidays were the only way we could continue to indulge in our mutual passion.

How wrong we were.

Speaking of mutual passions, we both had worked together for several years as police officers. Some 12 years in fact. To cut a long story short, this type of work took its toll on us both physically and mentally.  We are now both medically discharged from the police service. This pains us in a way that is impossible to describe. We lost our careers, the majority of our income and to a big extent our colleagues including some friends.

During this time we have learnt some very difficult life lessons. To say life has been challenging of late is a major understatement. This is where our blog name comes from.

"When life hands you lemons – you make lemonade.” 

This ageless proverb has long served as a beacon of hope and comfort to grieving souls worn by life’s most complex and heart-wrenching difficulties.

So when life hands you a lemon, you can either toss it aside and wait for an apple or you can take life as it has come to you and make a glass of lemonade to share with others through the positive light and influences that you emit. The gift of giving always finds a way to give itself back to you – a thousand times over and only you have the ability to decide which path is best.

This adventure marks the beginning of the next phase of our lives, we don't know what will happen, where we will be lead or what the future holds for us work-wise but we do know this feels right for now. We will continue to travel, learn and give back in any way we can along the way.

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