Thursday, 10 May 2012

The countdown is on.

Tomorrow marks only 30 days until we leave, the countdown is certainly on. Our family travel adventure is so so close, we are excited, nervous and tingling all at the same time. All the necessary planning things are falling into place. I just hope and pray we can manage to fit all that is required into our one 75tr backpack. Remembering that is for 5 persons :) Our 4 year old son is super keen for Bali and Vietnam especially Sapa. The overnight train to get there in particular. Our 3 year old is just all talk of Disneyland in honk honk (aka hong kong). He also is keen to see and have his photo taken with a koala whilst at kuala lumpur ..... LOL - kids are so precious and a laugh a minute arn't they. Joel and I have travelled quite a bit especially through south east Asia pre-kids but we are looking forward to seeing the surprise, shock and joy in our kids as they see this wonderful part of the world themselves. Any last minute tips or piece or advice we should know ?


  1. How exciting! Only one month out.

    Last minute tips? Be prepared for tantrums, meltdowns and general culture shock. Our toddler lost his mind for the first 5-7 days in Thailand. We hardly do or see anything that we'd planned on doing because it's all just too much for him. I guess I'm just saying, be prepared to do nothing as simply being in Vietnam will be completely overwhelming. I'm sure Bali will be fine. Wish we'd done that first instead of jumping straight in to Bangkok.

  2. Wow--1x75 litre backpack for all 5 of you! way to go--you'll definitely appreciate traveling light. have you tried to do a 'practice pack' yet to make sure it'll all fit? on my first trip, i put everything on the floor next to my pack, sure that it'd fit. the night before i was to leave, i tried to fit it all in, and despite culling heaps at the time, i had to run out first thing in the morning to return the pack and get a bigger one! mind you, if you can make due, vietnam has heaps of 'north face' knock off backpacks, for a fraction of the price. my hubby replaced his there with a 75litr one for about $25! good luck!

  3. Flashpacker - I am mindful yet scared to my core of the kids reactions, my 3 year old in particular is quite the home body and I can see him protesting to go home after a few nights after his mates leave Bali.

    With 2 kids in Tow - Practice pack in progress , its going to be close. The fact we can't store liquids in our carry on is our biggest hurdle at the moment.