Thursday, 12 July 2012

A day out with a French photographer in Hoi An

When I was in Hoi An, Vietnam, I booked a photo tour with French Photographer Etienne Bossot. He is a local photographer living in Hoi An and has great knowledge of Hoi An. His connection with the local community made it a great morning. His tour catered for all levels of photographers and was delivered in a relaxed nature. Hopefully I will meet up with Etienne in Laos later in the year! If you are heading to Hoi An I strongly recommend taking this tour.

This is a photo of Etienne chatting with local. This man runs an ice making business which he allowed us to go and look at.

The Craftsman - he makes all the cane products for the village. His hands were like stone.

Fishing lady was happy to pose for a few minutes before getting back to work
These bamboo boats are all made by the man in the first image.

There was a lot of activity around the fishing wharfs. However there was a break in the kaos and I caught this lady riding towards me. 

The Craftsman - His face and ands well worn.

I got low in the water for this shot and was able to freeze the water being splashed. 

Sea snake

Woman shovelling freshly crushed ice into buckets of fish which are loaded directly onto a waiting truck

Village kids resting in their backyard. Fishing village life...


  1. Fabulous shots Joel,each one tells a story of their own.Keep them coming,miss you Mum xxxxx

  2. These are such great shots! I love photography but I feel embarrassed I guess to take pics of people. Do you ask first or just snap the shot?

  3. Hi, it is difficult and when I first started also felt embarrassed. Building a raport very quickly is the key. This may be a smile or "hello" in many cases. I find if they return the gesture then usually if I ask the question "can I take a photo" they are more than happy. I only take a few shots. Sometimes I have to buy something small they are selling, or maybe a small tip - depends how badly I want the shot. Try and show them the photo on the screen and this generally makes them happy that they have helped you out and may even allow you to get more shots of the subject. Also building a raport allows you to get closer with the subject which makes a far better shot.