Monday, 25 June 2012

Holiday is over - but the travel has just begun.

After 13 fun filled days in Legian, we said goodbye to our friends who unfortunately were headed back to the cold winter in Australia. It seemed surreal that we were continuing and that this journey of ours is about to begin.

This is honestly the first time I have felt anxious about what we are doing. Like the penny just dropped about the enormity of what we are doing. This feeling was mainly because the children did not handle leaving their friends well. Morgan wanted to go home too, Hamish is still asking when are we going back to Villa Asih to see his friends again.

Their behaviour has been horrid. Both Joel and I feel like we are constantly playing referee and chastising them. Conflict of any kind is something we try to avoid given our past but at the moment we are surrounded by it. I feel like a ticking timebomb and I sense Joel is not much better.

Today I felt like going home. I really did. But there are lessons to learn and by quiting would not allow the growth and transition that we hoped this trip would bring. So I'll allow myself, Joel and the boys to have a few rough days and try to keep my head above water in the meantime.

There have been a couple of positive things over the past few days though. We met up with three other travelling families. The inspiring Going Anywhere, Travel with Bender and A King's Life. All three families are committed to long-term if not indefinate travel with their children.

Going Anywhere's, Chris and Jill ( were absolutely awe inspiring. They are an Aussie couple traveling with there 5 children, one of which requires a wheelchair. Personally I found Jill to be the zen type of mother that I strive to be. Our time with Chris and Jill was also a great source of info as they have just completed travels thru most of the countries on our list.

Travel with Bender's ( Erin and Josh are also a aussie couple traveling with their two toddlers. Similarly, they have a 16 month age gap between their two children. There are also just beginning their family adventure and Bali was the obvious starting point for them too. I'm sure our paths will cross again along the ways.

Sabina and Keith of A King's Life ( have been traveling for a massive, 785 days and do not plan to stop anytime soon. They have two gorgeous children who enjoy traveling with mum and dad. We have been fortunate enough to rent a villa within walking distance of this lovely family and we plan to meet again before we leave Bali.

So although the holiday is over......... the travel has just begun !


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I remember when I first moved to Costa Rica to embark on this journey. I was constantly second guessing myself and not enjoying the moment.

    But...through thick and thin I have never regretted it once. I am growing into who I want to be. I am a believe of "We get exactly what we need", so enjoy the transition and look forward to the journey.

  2. You know what a rough start we had with Reuben's behaviour. I think it's just par for the course with toddlers and Asia. Everything is strange, noisy, smelly and weird. He really turned a corner after 3-4 weeks though so hang in there. You know you're doing the right thing for your family. They just need a little time to adjust.

    Glad you got to connect with some other families. We're meeting up with the Bender's tonight for the Sinagpore Night Safari. What an awesome community we're part of!

  3. Not done a huge trip like yours (the longest was a month) but just wanted to remind you that you also have days like that at home. It's not the travel or the country, it's just one of those things. Tomorrow will be a better, brighter day!

  4. It was so great meeting you lovely Lemon's - TWICE! Your boys are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to catching you in KL! Great blogging!

  5. The holiday is over but the travel is not over. You can know all about it from the post here

  6. Holiday is over but travel has just begun. Know details from the post here