Friday, 23 March 2012

The training begins with baby steps

In preparation for our upcoming adventure, we have quite a long to-do-list. (TDL)

Today's TDL was to (a) Get passport photo's of the kids for the numerous visa applications we need to make along the way and (b) Purchase a new travel pack and packing cells.

We thought we would get both of these things ticked off our list and to get some 'travel training' for the kids in as well. So we packed a daypack and set off early. After driving a short distance we boarded the local ferry and crossed the harbour into Newcastle.

Then we walked over the footbridge into the city, found a nearby bus stop (with Hamish's help) and rode to Hamilton to our friends photo lab. The kids enjoyed having their photo taken, not surprisingly as they have had a bit of practice with daddy. Then it was off to board another bus into Market town where we purchased a 75ltr One Planet travel pack and several packing cells. Let's just say we will certainly be travelling LIGHT !! Will post some pics of our new gear shortly. 

Then it was off to the nearby train station for a short trip into Newcastle. The kids particular liked this bit. Shame it was only a 5 min trip at best ! Then we had to run for the ferry but luckily made it in time to return to our car and head for home. So all up it was about 3.5hrs of travel for the kids. No whinging, not complaints just lots of adventure. A perfect start to our training.

Fingers crossed the kids love to travel as much as mum and dad. Today gave us some confidence and reassurance that this adventure will be wonderful for everyone.

81 days to go !!

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  1. Snap!

    We seem to be on the same wavelength and checking off the same to do list. This week we've bought packing cells from Kathmandu and had passport photos taken for visa applications.

    Bethaney -